for the geeks


Jazz Set Sonor Lite:
18×15 Bass Drum
12×10 Tom
14×15 Floor Tom

Remo Coated Ambassador on Toms
Remo Coated Ambassador/P3 Felt Tone on Bass Drum

Sonor Lite

Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple:
20×16 Bass Drum
10×7 Tom
12×8 Tom
14×13 Floor Tom
16×14 Floor Tom

Remo Coated Emperor Batter, Coated Ambassador Reso
Remo PS3 Coated on Bass Drum

Sonor Phonic Club/Tour Set:
16×14 Bass Drum
12×8 Tom
13×13 Floor Tom

Remo Coated Ambassador
Remo Fiberskyn 3 FD on Bass Drum

Sonor Phonic

Yamaha Recording Custom Brass 13×6,5
Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple 14×6
Yamaha Steel Snare 10″
Slingerland Radio King 40s
Leedy Broadway Standard 30s
Canopus NV60m5 14×5
Ludwig Acrolite 14×5
Slingerland Aluminum 14×5

I play various interesting cymbals from Craig Lauritsen, Funch Cymbals, Jesse Simpson, Dave Collingwood, Bosphorus, Istanbul Agop, Zildjian and Meinl Byzance.